“Vampire Hunter D vs. Count Earnest Borgnine” - A Discussion and Review of Vampire Hunter D (1985)

July 17, 2017

Sully returns after many weeks to sit down with Austin and chat about the 1985 film, Vampire Hunter D! Directed by Toyoo Ashida, based on the light novel series by Hideyuki Kikuchi! The film is available on bluray from Sentai filmworks. 

Other topics discussed: Kingdom Hearts III D23 announcements, FLCL season 2 + 3, Netflix's Castlevania, Little Witch Academia, Urusei Yatsura, Hammer horror, and more! 

In this spirit of vampires and vampire movies, this episode is dedicated to Martin Landau, who passed away shortly after this episode was recorded. Landau earned an oscar for his role as Bela Lugosi in 1994's Ed Wood. Rest in peace. 

Enjoy the show! 

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